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Happy 2020 Everyone!

Our year has begun with so many new and wonderful happenings, I am excited to share some of the good news with you.


Lisa Bellwin has joined our company as Designer. We’ve been working with Lisa over the last few months and are thrilled to officially add her name to the VGID team. With more than two decades experience in design, Lisa, will work on a wide range of projects with our residential and commercial clients. Lisa is an accomplished interior designer, space planner and manager who implements project design vision with immaculate attention to refinement, and an expert eye for detail. She brings the same elevated design and client-first values we hold so dear here at VGID. Lisa is a joy to have on the team, and we look forward to your meeting and working with her soon.








Michelle Garcia

Michelle Garcia, whom you may have spoken with when you first called or emailed our office over the last two years, and has been the engine behind our Instagram and Facebook, is expanding her role to take the lead in marketing for our company. She will have more contact with our clients and vendors, ensuring that we maintain the highest standard in our communications and outreach. She will also assist myself and Lisa with various project elements, and continue to oversee all marketing communications for VGID. I’m happy to see her role expand as she helps us carry essential pieces for the business.

In the coming few weeks, we will share with you another great project we’ve recently completed. We think it’s a real beauty. In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with where we are finding inspiration and current projects.