We contacted Valerie when we were planning a kitchen and laundry room remodel. After meeting her for the first time, we realized that she was the one who could take our project and run the whole thing. She worked to create and manage a team of professionals from architect to general contractor that made our major renovation such a success. Our small boxed-in kitchen area has turned into a huge amount of open, usable space for our family.

One of Valerie’s talents is that she listens. After questioning my husband and me on our tastes and expectations, she was able to focus in on our design and furnishings very accurately and efficiently and help guide us in making the best decisions. Our new kitchen is absolutely beautiful!

Renovating a home while living in it can be hard but Valerie made it as painless as possible. Our overall experience with her has been so positive that we cannot recommend her highly enough.

Allison & David Davis

We were looking for someone to help us decorate our older home that has a “unique” floor plan. A friend suggested we contact Valerie Garrett, Associate ASID, who had done a beautiful job in her home. We were amazed at how easily she was able to take a challenging room and turn it into a work of art. She is very talented, creative and a joy to work with. To date (over 8 years), Valerie has designed almost every room in our home from updating our dining and living room, to complete renovations of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a transformation of our game room into a media center where everyone loves to hang out. She has transformed our house into a home that we are very proud of.

Dr. Joe & Jan Johnson

We started working with Valerie Garrett, Associate ASID about 4 ½ years ago after interviewing two other designers in town. It is definitely one of the best decisions we have made. Valerie has many leading qualities as a designer. She is very personable and easy to talk with; she values relationships with her clients as well as other people with whom she is involved; and, she never treats you like just another paying customer. Valerie has unique ideas and likes to try new things. She doesn’t repeat ideas in the homes of other clients. She discovers what you like and dislike and then creates a design plan that is tailor-made for you.

One of Valerie’s great qualities is that she is honorable and has your best interest at heart. If something is not right, she will make sure it gets handled immediately. Her clients’ satisfaction is always foremost to her.

If we had not hired Valerie Garrett, Associate ASID to be our designer there is no telling what our house would look like today. She has created a home that is so beautiful, inviting, and relaxing – something we look forward to coming home to. Thanks to Valerie, it is “simply elegant.”

Eric & Cindy Wilson

I have worked with Valerie Garrett, Associate ASID for 7 years, and my latest project was a bath remodel. Valerie understands me and what I am looking for. I love the tile and the new vanity, and the shower is awesome. Best of all, my husband loves it!! If you are undecided about working with this firm, come and see what she has done for me! Everyone who comes to my house comments on the design. They always ask if I did it and, of course, I always tell them who really did!!!

Ann and Buddy Doyle