How To Design Your Perfect Interior – By ASID & Gail Doby

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Is Perfection Attainable in an Interior? If So, This New Book’s The Key to Getting There!

How to Design Your Perfect Interior by Gail Doby.

There’s a wonderful new book out that I’m glad to see – How to Design Your Perfect Interior by Gail Doby, a talented and entrepreneurial colleague of mine. Available to designers and non-designers alike, this book is a terrific design tool.

Feeling creative and adventurous, want to realize your design vision on your own? The book gives you great tips on how to handle any design project. Have a vision of what you want, and know you need an Interior Designer to help you achieve your greatest possible result? Well, this book’s great tips will help you work with your designer to get the home you’ll love coming home to.

Gail collaborated on this project with ASID (the American Society of Interior Designers), the oldest, largest and leading professional organization for interior designers. ASID isn’t just a great resource for designers they also serve our profession by acting as a check point that keeps guidelines in place for the interior design industry.

You may purchase Gail’s book by clicking on the link below, at, or any retail bookstore.

Cover image courtesy of Jamie Drake, FASID – Showhouse Beverly Hills, CA
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